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Bow Top Fencing

At Traditional Fabrications, our popular Bow Top Fencing is great for numerous applications, from park boundaries to domestic properties. We often advise this type of security system where there are children or animals that reside in the vicinity. The reasoning behind this, is that children or animals often try to climb or jump the fencing, but if an accident does happen, injuries are kept to a minimum.

Bow Top Fencing
Bow Top Fencing Information

Our process starts with an in-depth meeting at the premises where the Bow Top fencing is to be installed. Our dedicated new-business manager will discuss your requirements and offer all the help and expert advice you need to make sure you get the highest quality solution to suit your budget.

Bow Top fencing - also known as loop top or hoop top fencing - is manufactured in-house at our 3,000 square-foot business premises by our experienced fabrication team. Our fencing is made from the highest quality locally-sourced steel.

Once all fencing is manufactured to your requirements, our quality-control department inspects all measurements to make sure they are correct to the initial project specifications. They then check each and every weld to make sure there are no defects.

When everything has been quality checked to meet our high quality standards, the fencing is then galvanised and powder-coated to British Standards.

The final stage is the installation of your Bow Top Fencing by our professional fencing installation team. They will visit your premises to install it using anti-theft fixings, while causing the least amount of disruption possible. We pride ourselves on making sure your premises are clean and free of all debris after the completed installation, leaving you free to admire your new bow top fence.

Bow Top Fencing Features
    • Highest Quality Recyclable Materials
    • Galvanised to British Standards
    • Powder Coated to British Standards
    • Low Maintenance
    • Great For Extra Security
    • Anti-Theft Fixings
    • Optional Professional Installation
    • Domestic Property - Boundaries
    • Commercial Property - Boundaries
    • Park Boundaries
    • School Boundaries
    • Allotment Boundaries
    • Church Boundaries